Reading Vision Correction

Presbyopia (From the Greek for ‘old eyes’ – unfortunately!) is the age-related condition characterised by the need to wear reading glasses later in life, usually from mid-40s onwards.

Presbyopia Explained

It is often mistakenly called ‘long sight’ but presbyopia is caused by the eye’s natural lens losing its ability to focus and the focusing muscles becoming weaker. Those who wear glasses or contact lenses already for short or long sight will require additional vision correction as presbyopia develops, usually in the form of bifocal or multifocal glasses.

Now we can remove your natural lens and implant a multifocal lens to give you good vision for all distances. With advanced lens technology these lenses are now usually well tolerated but may still give some degree of glare and haloes. Mr. Perera uses a Tri focal implant that gives reasonably good distance, intermediate  and close vision with greater freedom from glasses.